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Are you looking for a TV repair in INDIA?  INDIA  SERVICE 24 provides a complete TV repair and solution in INDIA at an affordable cost. Furthermore, we provide a different range of TV repair services in Lucknow.

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A lot of times, people are reluctant to purchase LCD TVs, not because of the cost of the TV itself, but because of the high potential costs of repairs and maintenance.
However, with TV REPAIR IN INDIA, you need not worry about paying big money to keep your TV in the perfect condition. We provide reasonable and cost-effective solutions.
Our company comprises of experts who can repair all television brands, such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Zenith, Sony, LG, MI, SAMSUNG, and Toshiba, alongside several others.
Our charges are kept to a minimum, mainly by helping you eliminate unnecessary expenses. This is aligned with our vision of reducing costs for all our customers.
With our TV repair company, you can be assured of a job that is comprehensive and provides you with a satisfactory and lasting experience.
We are sure that once you get your TV repaired from us, you will not look elsewhere the next time you need a similar service.
Moreover, we promise that you will be recommending our name to any family or friend who is having issues with his or her television.


LED TVs are extremely complex structures, designed in an intricate manner.
Often, technicians who are not experienced or trained enough, attempt to solve problems with LED TVs, and end up actually exacerbating the problem rather than resolving it.
Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you only turn to capable technicians, when faced with problems related to your LED TV.
At TV Repair INDIA, we possess a team of individuals that are aware of the ins and outs of LED TVs and will address its problems with the best possible approach.
Our professional technicians are highly knowledgeable and understand the workings of all brands of LED TVs.
They conduct a detailed, comprehensive study of the problem, before starting off with the solution.
Once the root cause of the issue has been identified, we try to come up with the quickest, most effective and reasonable solution for your LED TV.
In addition to being informed and thorough, our professionals are extremely amiable, and will explain the entire problem, procedure of diagnosis, and the solution.
Moreover, they will also provide valuable tips and suggestions on how to prevent this, and other problems in the future.
All in all, it will be a brilliant, stress-free experience for you, and will leave you content and happy with the service given.


Much like LED TVS, OLEDs are very much in-demand, and complex electrical appliances.
These days, people enjoy a wide range of streaming content on their OLEDs, which including numerous movies and TV shows.
Being so difficult to understand and repair, people often consider replacing their OLED when faced with an issue.
However, since OLEDs are highly expensive, you cannot replace them without suffering a significant hit to your budgets.
With TV Repair INDIA, you do not need to worry about getting a new OLED every time it causes a problem.
We have a team of technicians that specializes in repairs and maintenance of this type of televisions, no matter which brand they belong to or where they were bought.
Our ultimate aim is to provide our customers with a powerful, able technical force, that is confident in itself and, in turn, will make you feel confident about your decision to place faith in our company.
Additionally, we want to make sure that we send our technicians to your place, at a time which is convenient for you, and charge a price which is extremely reasonable.
All in all, our goal is to provide you with an unmatched experience.


All in all, our business is functional, simply to cater to your needs, in the manner which you and your electrical equipment deserve.
If you are looking for a free quote for our services, all you need to do is log on to our website, fill in a simple and straightforward form with some standard details, and you will get an instant quote, absolutely free of cost.
So, if you are looking for a TV repair shop close to you, we are your best choice.


Today’s era of daunting technology and extreme innovation has not left televisions unaffected.

There has been constant development in the area of TVs, and newer and newer models and types are constantly emerging, each more complex and unique than the last.
With these upgradations and the extent of use of televisions, there have also emerged technical issues and problems that were never before heard of.
With unprecedented problems, you require unprecedented solutions, to be given by people who are capable enough for that.
Customers are spending more and more on TVs of all types, and therefore, they are looking for expert repair services, that will resolve their plight without damaging or harming their television in any way.
At TV Repair INDIA, we provide you with this highly effective service, making our company your one-stop for all kinds of electrical appliances, and not just televisions.
Our team of highly trained professionals can repair all types of home appliances, including washing machine repair and fridges repairing.

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