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RO emergency! Waking up to bad taste in your water or an RO unit that doesn’t turn on can become your worst nightmare. Here is what we suggest. Book a rapid response team – read RO repair service – to deal with this disaster as your drive to the convenience store to top up your bottled water stock. A problem in your drinking water supply can seriously drown any hopes of a regular daily schedule that you may have. But not if the Reverse Osmosis water filter repair you booked was with CITY SERVICE. Get ready to be wowed – CITY SERVICE water purifier repair will be at your service in no time!
Get in touch with us online, or download the free Android apps and set a technician visit at a time and day that suits you. No more phone calls to be made chasing the technician or requesting for an early visit, CITY SERVICE has a provision for emergency visits. Our professionally trained technicians can deal with problems with any well-known brand sold and installed in INDIA. Technicians at CITY SERVICE are reliable, efficient and prompt, ensuring that you get great service along with the peace of mind. They are trained to solve water purifier repair issues that arise out of common as well as complex issues. Get in touch with us for a leaking RO unit or one that doesn’t heat or cool. We can also help in matters relating to the quality of water like the taste, smell, cloudiness, and colour apart from issues like the dispensing speed, leakages, the machine not switching on, leaky or noisy faucets and drains. Our RO repair and service is done at fair and affordable rates, and we even provide an estimate of the repair cost before starting work on your RO water filter repair. CITY SERVICE realises the urgency of a broken drinking water unit and works towards providing prompt RO repair service. We also try to make sure that your daily routine does not come to a standstill and you need stock up on the least amount of bottled water.

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